Ordering Questions

Do you accept credit cards?


How much deposit do you require before you start to cut our countertop?

The Granite Store requires a deposit of half of the estimated price in cash or certified check. This payment takes place at the time of the template. If there is no deposit during the template we can not start the fabrication of the countertop or any other project. The deposit then needs to be brought to us, to our office in Florence, South Carolina.

How long do you hold slabs for the client?

Our general policy is to hold a slab for 2 weeks without a deposit. If a deposit is made we can make the slab exclusive to the client until it's cut.

What is your payment policy?

The Granite Store accepts cash or certified check only. If payment is done by personal check we will not start the fabrication process until the check is cleared. Once the order is placed the grand total is broken up into two payments, one during the template, and the other at the end of the installation.

If I fax my drawing with dimensions to you how long do I have to wait for a quote?

Proposals for free quotes that are faxed over are given a 24 hour time frame. We will either call or fax over the estimate assuming that the contact information is provided to us in the original fax.

How close does the estimate come to the final price?

The quote on the estimate is based on the measurements provided to us by you. So the more accurate your drawings are, the more accurate the price.