• Virtually impervious to water and is actually less absorbent than some plastic products. (Water can soak into a granite countertop and leave a dark colored spot but this will evaporate in minutes)
  • Resistant to stains. Generally, any liquid spilled on a granite top, if wiped up within a few minutes, will not stain. Liquids that do not evaporate, such as oils will cause stains if left to soak into the stone. Most stains can be removed. Even oil stains can usually be removed using a poultice or paste that will draw out the oil from the stone.
  • Highly scratch resistant and will not show wear from daily use. Shine will last for many years. Routine cleaning with mild soap and water is all that is generally required. Once a year, a re-application of a penetrating sealer should be performed, which only takes about 15 minutes—less time than scouring a solid surface countertop with a cleanser to remove scratches.
  • Heat resistant and can withstand the heat of hot pots and pans without damage.
  • Incredibly durable and commonly used as building material for high-rise buildings due to its ability to withstand gale force winds and rain.
  • Competitively priced compared to other high-end surfacing materials, and when you consider the durability and longevity of granite, it's actually a much better value.




Absolute Black
Absolute Black Honed Absolute Black India
Absolute Black Rhino
Super Black
Absolute Black

Ace of Clubs Amadaus Black
Blue Night
Ambrosia White Andes Black Arabesco, Latin Pearl

Artic Rainbow Artistic Brown Autumn Leaf Ayers Green Azul Aran

Azul Bahia Azul Barracuda,
Blue Barracuda
Azul Dalmata Azul Guanabara Azul Macuba

Balmoral Red Baltic Brown Bamboo Green Bamboo Yellow Bianco Romano

Black Beauty Black Diamond,
Black Pearl,
Angola, Silver Pearl
Black Galaxy Blue Butterfly, Farfalla Blue Blue Diamond

Blue Eyes Blue Marinacce,
Blue Aquarius
Blue Night, Amethista Blue Pearl GT Blue Pearl

Blue Polar Extra Blue Wave Bordeaux Star Bordeaux Sucuri Bronzite

Bross Blue Cactus Cambrian Black Canada Cambrian Black New
Cambrian Black New

Camila Brown Caribbean Blue,
Tipo Marinace
Carioca Gold, Amarello Gold Carmen Red Castor Blue

Chateaux Coast Green Coffee Brown,
Coffee Imperial,
Cafe Imperial
Colombina Pietra,
Colombino Pietra
Colonial Dream,
Ivory Cream

Cooper Canyon Copperfield Gold Costa Esmeralda,
Costa Ezmeralda
Crema Azul Bahia,
Tropical Blue
Crema Bluette

Dakota Mahogany Delerium Delicatus White Desert Sand Desert Storm,
Desert Tempest

Earth Fire Emerald Green Emerald Pearl Exotic Gold Fantasy Brown

Forest Brown Fossil Black Giallo Antico Giallo California Giallo Fiorito

Giallo Florence Giallo Florentino Giallo Gisella Giallo Matisse Giallo Napoleone

Giallo Ornamentale Giallo San Francisco Giallo Santa Cecilia Light Giallo Veneziano Peach Giallo Veneziano

Giallo Vicenza,
Juparana Vicenza,
Veneziano Dorado
Gold & Diamond Gold & Silver Gold Antique Gold Fuji

Golden Arctic Golden Bits Golden Bordeaux Golden Butterfly Golden Fantasy

Golden Flakes Golden Leaf Golden Macauba,
Golden Macuba
Golden Melody Golden Musk

Golden Oak Golden Paradise,
Paradise Gold
Golden Shadow Golden Wave, Renior Green Galaxy,
Galaxy Green

Gris Carmal Gris Mondariz Impala Black, African Imperial Blue Imperial Red, Ruby Red

Imperial White Indian Dakota Ivory Brown Ivory Chiffon (Brown) Ivory Onyx AVP

Jatoba Juparana Arandis Juparana Bordeaux
Juparana Bordeaux Juparana Casablanca

Juparana Classico Juparana Columbo Juparana Bordeaux Juparana Crema Mara,
Juparana Sunset,
Royal Blue
Juparana Delicatus

Juparana Estrela Juparana Fantastico Juparana Gold Eagle Juparana Guarana Juparana India Gold

Juparana Oro Juparana Pancas,
Juparana Fantastico
Juparana Persa, Golden Beach Juparana Santa Helena Juparana Starlight

Juparana Sunset,
Royal Blue,
Blue Sunshine
Juparana Tobacco Juparana Viera Gold Juparana Zuzu,
Juparana Apricot
Kangaroo Green

Kashmir Gold Kashmir White Key West Gold Kinawa Classico Labrador Antique

Labrador Blue,
Labrador Austral Blue
Labradorite White Lapidus Lapis Eyes Lapis Lazuli Original

Lilla Gerais Lime Green,
Typhoon Lime Green
Lizard Green Louisa Blue, Van Gogh Luna Pearl,
Bianco Sardo

Madura Gold Magic Brown Malachite Mari Gold Marlyn Blue

Marron Cohiba,
Antique Brown
Matrix - Honed Matrix Motion Maverick Blue Midnight Brown,
Bahia Brown, Cafe Bahia

Millenium Cream Misty Mauve Multicolor India Nara Brown, Caledonia New Bordeaux

New Venetian Gold Ocean Flower Oriental Dream,
Lady Dream
Paradisio Bash Paradiso Classico

Peacock Green Penta Gold Pietra Del Cardoso,
Pietra Cordosa,
Juparana Pompeii
Purple Dunes

Red Dragon Red Marinacce,
Red Zang Riverstone Mantega Rosa Beta

Rosa Porinio,
Rosa Porrino
Rosewood Royal Brown Rustic Green Quartzite Sahara Gold

Samba White San Antonio Gris, Indigo Santa Cecilia Dark, Santa Rita Sapphire Blue Brown Seaweed Green, Pocono Green

Shalimar Gold Shamrock Shivakashi Pink,
Shivakashi Gold
Sierra Brown,
Sucuri Brown,
Brown Sucuri
Silver Galaxy

Silver Pearl, Steel Gray Silver Sea Green Soap Stone, Green,
Gray, Cordova
Solarius Spring White

Stanstead Gray Sucuri,
Juparana Sucuri
Sultan Onyx,
Onyx Sultano
Summer Light Surf Green

Tan Brown Taupe Gold Taupe White Tropical Brown Tropical Violet,
Tropical Violette

Turtle Green Twister Typhoon Gold Typhoon Green Venetian Gold

Ventura Green Verde Aquarius,
Verde Savana
Verde Atlantico Verde Borgogna Verde Butterfly

Verde Ekos Verde Fantastico
Verde Fire Verde Fontaine Verde Issuri

Verde Jaco,
Verde Yaco
Verde Jade Verde Laura,
Hawaiian Green
Verde Lavras Verde Marinacce,
Jurassic Green

Verde Maritaka Verde Matisse Verde Persa Verde Quarzite Verde San Francisco

Verde Tunas Verde Ubatuba Bahia Verde Ubatuba Mabrasa,
Ubatuba Mabraza
Verde Ubatuba, Ubatuba Violetta

Virginia Black,
Virginia Mist
Volga Blue Waterfall Green White Diamond,
Juparana Perla
White Moon Quartzite

Wild River,
Wild Green,
Wild West
Wiskon Yellow Rain Almond Mauve Amadaus Original

Amazon Blue Andrea Blue,
Bahama Blue,
Orissa Blue
Artic Green Autumn Brown Azul Platino

Baltic Blue Bethel Gris Bianco Romano
Black Galaxy A,
Silver Fleck
Black Lotus

Black Pearl, Angola Blue Pearl
Blue Pearl Royal
Light Blue
Blues in the Night Catawba Pink

Coffee Brown,
Coffee Imperial
Copper Rose Cosmic Black Cosmic Blue Delicatus Gold

Golden Ocean Green Galaxy
Green Pearl Indigo Ivory Elegance

Ivory Green Juparana Florence Juparana Sunrise Jurassic Green New Kinawa White,
Verde Piracema,
Green Wave

Majestic Gray Marron Castor Mona Lisa Olive Green Opal Essence

Ouro Fantastico Peacock Green
Platinum Brushed Ruby Red Salmon Pink

Santa Cecilia Giallo,
Giallo Santa Cecilia
Santa Cecilia
Shiva Pink Silhouette Black Sunshine Blue,
Royal Blue

Turquoise Ubatuba Riverwashed Vaizag Blue,
Lavender Blue,
Verde Antico Verde Cotto,

Verde Jaco Antique
Verde Marina Verde Noor White Copacabana White Palmas

White Pergamino